The following terms and conditions apply to all web site development and design services provided by AKM Web Design to the client.


  1. Acceptance

AKM Web Design will only carry out work once the customer has agreed to work being done via email/written/verbal agreement. The terms of payment are that up to 50% of the agreed price is to be paid upfront before any work begins and that a confirmation email of an order is deemed as a written contract between the client and ourselves AKM Web Design. Also, the remaining balance is to be paid before your website goes live via your domain.


A website draft will be created based on the design brief and information gathered from you on how you want your website to look and function. If we must make any significant changes that completely alters the original first draft and design brief, a support charge may be applied for the additional work that needs to be carried out.


If we haven’t received a final payment for the original order after 30 days ​then we will reserve the right to cancel the agreement for the order without notice and any work that has been carried out will be deleted, along with any domain names or email accounts that may have been registered, without a refund.


  1. Hosting

All sites must be hosted via our chosen hosting provider. Also, AKM Web Design cannot accept any liability for any losses that are caused by malfunctioning, unavailability or interruption of the hosting service. AKM Web Design also cannot accept loss of sales, turnover, any profits or indirect, consequential or special loss.


All the sites created can be accessible and viewed on laptops, mobile phones, tablets and PC’S that are running up to date web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.


We may offer you a period of free web hosting included in your package that can range from 0 – 12 months that will be agreed by ourselves and applied as part of your order and will be outlined on your confirmation order. After the free period a chargeable fee for hosting will apply. The fee for the hosting will be outlined via email and payment will be required to be made in advance. If the customer fails to make payments towards their hosting services then the site will no longer be live and if the customer fails to make payments after contact and informed interactions then the client’s website will be deleted. AKM Web Design excludes any liability for loss of earnings or profit caused due to the customer’s website coming off line due to the hosting expiring because payments have not been made.


As part of your package a domain (. co.uk or .com) name is included. The domain name of your site will be registered under your name and will evidently belong to you. The domain name will be registered for one year however can be renewed. The renewal registration of the domain name​ will be included in the hosting fee charged after the free hosting period. If you choose not to renew your domain name then it will expire and be put back up for general sale.


AKM Web Design will not be liable for any loss of profit or revenue due to the domain name expiring because of technical failure due to a fault occurring caused by the hosting company.


  1. Maintenance and content of your website

Once we have made your website live on your own domain, it is assumed that our work has been completed to your satisfaction and any further work that needs to be done afterwards may be charged.


Also, should you opt for having administrative rights to make changes to your website and its content, we do not accept responsibility for any modifications you make to your website.


We may require you to send us your own text and images so that we can update the content on your site for you. All text and images sent must be copyright free, AKM Web Design does not accept any responsibility of infringement of copyright law due to the images supplied by you and applied to your site.


We may incorporate plugins on your website to improve the user experience of your site. The plugins can include the use of maps, videos, slideshows, contact forms etc. however are not limited to these types of plugins. Also, due to these being third party apps we do not accept responsibility for any malfunctions or loss of service of these plugins, also each third-party plugin reserve the right to do as they please regarding the removing of their service or charging any fees for extra functionality if the usage limit is reached. If you require further functionality of any plugins we shall pass on the charge to yourself and we will also notify you to any changes to these plugins that may affect the design of your site and will look for alternative plugins for you.


We also reserve the right to include screenshots and links to your working website on our portfolio page of the AKM Web Design website and to any of our social media accounts.


AKM Web Design hold the right to refuse to handle, display or make live any content that may

be deemed illegal, offensive or controversial. We Also reserve the right to refuse handle any site that is used for any malicious acts such as hacking, blackmailing, bullying or any forms malicious and suspicious activities. If any of these situations arise we hold the right to terminate any agreement you have with use, your web hosting and services with us without any notice and a refund will not be applied.


  1. Subscriptions, Direct Debits and SEO

If you opt for any of our additional monthly subscription services a charge will be added to your original order for an agreed price. The subscription services are to be paid on the 1st every month, unless an alternative can be agreed upon. If you opt for any of our additional subscription services after your website has gone live then your monthly subscription services will begin once payment has been made and your invoice will outline your monthly agreed fees for the service to be paid per month. If payments are failed to be made on time, AKM Web Design reserve the right to cancel any of your subscriptions without a refund.

Due to factors beyond our control and the algorithms used by search engines to determine the listing of results we cannot guarantee the position we achieve for SEO of your website. We also cannot accept any liability for the ranking of your site to change or the position of your site due to the algorithms used by the search engines or other factors that may affect the listings. A direct debit will be set up by standing order or PayPal monthly subscription for the services agreed upon.


  1. Confidentiality

AKM Web Design LTD adheres to all national and EU data protection, data transfer, data retention, and confidentiality regulations and always stores data sent to us in a secure manner within our security policy.

We reserve the right to change and amend our terms and conditions at any time.